LIFT Covid-19

Just as with WayPoint Youth, our primary mission at camp is glorifying God through walking with and building up students. We firmly believe that to do this, we need to be together. Sometimes restrictions can aid in this message, but other times they can cause harm. Walking that fine line isn't easy. But the Gospel is for EVERYONE!

UPDATE 7-6-2021: After recent restrictions being lifted in our state, we have removed the requirement for leaders and students to be either vaccinated or tested in order to come to camp. It is fully in the hands of parents to know and understand the risks, and to decide for themselves if they want their students tested or vaccinated.

We will do our best to keep a safe environment. Most of our activities will take place outdoors in the open where distancing isn't a problem. However, some activities will take place indoors, where risk is higher. We will provide ample hand sanitizing stations in common areas and in cabins.

MASKS: ALL STUDENTS are required to have a mask WITH THEM while at camp. (We will provide them for those who need them!) There will be a few situations in which masks are required, but more situations where they are not. You usually won't need to wear your mask, but be prepared. If the situation arises where you need to put it on, you will be expected to do so. We don't like it any more than you do! Let's work together to make it a non-issue.