World Vision's

30 Hour Famine

with Waypoint Youth

Thank you for your interest and support! Check out the promotional video below, and scroll down to learn more, and to register or donate.

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What is the 30 Hour Famine??! (30HF)

Starting now, students begin collecting sponsorships in the form of donations, to support their participation in the event. On October 20 and 21, students will go without food for 30 hours! (Students with health concerns can do a modified fast that they arrange with us in advance). During this time they learn more about hunger and its impact on our world, participate in activities and games, and get challenged in their relationship with Christ. The fast itself begins on Friday, October 20, at 9am and ends October 21 at 3pm! We will all break our fast together. The event itself will be overnight at Waypoint North, starting at 5pm, and ending at 4pm the next day. These are NOT the start/end times of the fast itself! Stay tuned to text communications and this webpage for details as they become available. ALL STUDENTS attending the event are required to raise AT LEAST $50 in order to attend the event. It is after all, a fundraiser.

Want to join us?  You'll need THREE THINGS:

1. Parents & Students: Fill out our registration form by CLICKING HERE.
2. Students: Set up your online donation page by  CLICKING HERE. (Read the guide below).
3. Stay up to date on text alerts and announcements on this webpage.

Bonus: Keep coming to youth group as we will be talking about it as the event draws near!

Online Donation Page Setup Guide: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The online donation page is meant to be created by a STUDENT. If you are a parent filling it out for a student, be sure to use your students name when creating the account. If you wish sign up multiple students using the same account and email, you can do so. Just let us know so we don't get confused! A unique email will be needed for each donation page created. 

  1. Make sure next to “Role” it says “STUDENT”.
  2. Make sure next to “Team” it says “WayPoint Youth”.
  3. Set a goal for yourself! I challenge you to raise $200! 
  4. If you’d like to, customize your donation page. Things you can do:
    1. Upload a photo.
    2. Customize the text that will be on your personal donation page.
    3. Customize the URL for your own donation page! This is what you can send to others so they can donate! 
    4. Create a Facebook fundraiser!
 Now that you know what to look out for, here's the link:

Now that you are all set up, you can use your fundraising page to collect donations and track how much you’ve collected. You can also check out the TEAM PAGE and see how we are doing as a team!