our mission

WayPoint Youth: Glorifying God through walking with and building up students.

All that we do as a ministry can be summarized in that statement. Simply put, we exist for the students. We aren't perfect, but we strive for excellence in every part of our ministry. Our desire is to see students come to the realization that God loves them and wants to transform them to lead lives full of joy and purpose.
All leaders at WayPoint Youth are carefully vetted and selected for the task of leading our youth. Every one of them has a heart to serve and see the youth come to a life-changing understanding of God's love for them. All youth leaders must pass a thorough background check, attend a church, and agree to our Leaders' Constitution. If you are interested in finding out if helping at WayPoint Youth might be a good fit for you, I'd love to sit down and talk with you. These are our youth leaders. They make our wonderful ministry what it is!

Core Youth Leaders -
What they do, and what they like:


Work: SAHM / Legal Assistant
Hobby: "I like to poke holes in fabric to make pictures."


Work: Youth Pastor at WayPoint Church
School: Audio Production @ The Art Institute of Seattle
Hobby: "I like to line up ones and zeros to make fake music."

Katy May

Work: Children's Ministry Director at WayPoint Church
Hobby: "I like to do math in little squares."


Work: Warehouse
School: Biblical & Pastoral Studies @
Frontier School of the Bible
Hobby: "I take dirt and make it into something you eat and drink out of."


School: Communication Management & Biblical Studies
@ Azusa Pacific University
Hobby: "I layer and put on bulky shoes to schlepp vertically up large rock structures to observe my visually appealing environmental surroundings."


Work: Manager at Office Depot
Hobby: "I feed sound waves into little metal ice cream cones that magically make them louder."


Work: Plant Person at Brother's Greenhouses
Hobby: "I love to hop up and put that ball over that net."


Work: Scaffolder
Hobby: "Pebble Wrestling."


School: Clover Park Technical College
Hobby: "I enjoy wandering around trying not to get lost for the goal of destroying muscle tissue."


Work: Home Inspector
Hobby: "I try to harness the power of the ocean to ride some foam back to the beach."


School: Psychology @ University of Washington
Hobby: "I like to mark thin sheets of fibrous substances with a crystalline form of carbon in order to create depictions of real life things and events."


Work: Livestream Coordinator at WayPoint Church
Hobby: "I love making camera go click."


School: Olympic College
Hobby: I like to make pots out of clay, and I'm learning to not be bad at volleyball!"


Work: RN Specializing in Orthopedics and Spine
Hobby: "I like to decipher certain signs by closing my eyes and using tactile guidance."


Work: Box Assembler
Hobby: "I try to hold too many things at once."


Work: Preschool Teacher
Hobby: "I enjoy staring at tiny bits of a whole picture and hoping they will connect."


School: Calvary Chapel Bible College
Hobby: "I slowly crawl up big hills in the dark and wait for it to be not dark."