Please read this info before joining our server. A link to join can be found below!

IMPORTANT INFO FOR PARENTS: Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that can be used on a computer or a mobile device. It is used primarily by gamers to communicate, usually by voice, while playing online games. Users can join servers to communicate in groups, or in direct messages. It's a fantastic tool for friends to interact in a personal way while playing games, or any activity.  As with all social media outlets, parents and students need to be safe while online. While Discord is a fantastic tool for building communities, it can also be used for nefarious purposes.

Students who use Discord should do so ONLY with their parents awareness and permission. Further, students also should ONLY join private servers hosted by people they and their parents know personally. As Discord makes it very easy to join or host chat groups or other private chats, it's important to avoid groups or chats with people you don't know. Make sure your student has their age accurately set on the app and that safety settings are set to automatically block out explicit content.

WayPoint Youth's Discord server is moderated by a team of youth leaders. Students should not use our server to form private chats outside the server. Youth leaders also will never initiate one-on-one chats outside of our server (though they may join servers at their own discretion hosted by students if invited - that is up to the student). Our leaders will moderate in-game discussions and all content shared on the server. If anyone attempts to share any content that is in any way inappropriate or profane, it will be promptly deleted. If anyone joins the server who we do not know, they will be immediately questioned and removed. While Discord may not moderate their content, we do! Our server is a safe place.

Who is on the server? Students and leaders. Any student from WayPoint Youth is welcome to join! This includes students in middle school and high school. You'll also find students who have graduated from our program, and even former youth leaders who remain connected with our network.

CLICK HERE for an invite to join our server!

Some youth leaders also host their own servers. Students who join them do so at their own discretion. They certainly should be safe places, but as with all things, a different clientele will be sharing different content. Investigate every server your child wants to join to ensure it is a safe place!

Why Discord? It's true that anyone can use Discord to end up seeing content that is not appropriate, or be in discussions about topics that are not appropriate. So why do we use it? It's simple.  It is a platform. Just as a stage built with wood, wires, speakers and microphones can be used to share the Gospel, it can also be used to spread lies, deceit, and cause harm to others. We see Discord no differently. We also know that many of our students are using Discord regularly. For this reason, our mission as a youth ministry can be met by using this platform as a tool to share love and truth with students, while walking along side them and being safe with what we can control. This is not an official 'endorsement' of Discord. All students and leaders use Discord at their own risk. Please know what your students are doing on the internet and on their mobile devices!