LIFT Rules

We don’t enforce many rules at our camps, because quite simply, we usually don’t have to.  That being said, here are a few things that are important to us.

Be reasonable and cooperative with any staff, and we will do our part to give you every chance to have an absolute blast at camp and to be affected positively by the message.

Watch out for each other and be respectful. Anything that intentionally hurts someone else, be it physically or verbally, will not be tolerated.

Obviously, no weapons or drugs are allowed at all, with the exception of prescription drugs, which will be administered by the camp staff. This is a zero-tolerance requirement. Violation of this requirement results in an unsafe environment to students and leaders who wish to learn and grow, and will result in immediate expulsion from camp without a refund, no exceptions.

All students should dress appropriately, and not wear anything with obscene or offensive messages. Camp will be in late-June, so there is a decent chance we will be able to enjoy some hot weather and take advantage of the lakefront! All we ask is that you dress comfortably for the occasion! Whether it is playing spikeball, having a scavenger hunt,  walking in the sun, or swimming, don't intentionally try to attract inappropriate attention.

NOTE: To keep consistent with the unplugged and disconnected nature of camp, campers will not be allowed any cell phones or any other personal electronic devices. This includes: Tablets, Smartwatches, Music players, pocket time machines, sonic-screwdrivers, laser swords, your pokedex, etc.  If you need to contact parents or have emergencies, there will be a landline you can use in the main lodge. Any such devices will be confiscated at the start of camp and kept safe until the end of camp. If you think you need it for something specific, just let us know. We can make arrangements.