A Letter to Parents from the Youth Pastor

Beginning April 29, we will be going through a series that addresses some tough topics that our youth are dealing with. Some of these topics are sensitive in nature. While we firmly believe that these topics are vital for our students to discuss, ask questions, learn, and function in today's society, we also recognize that as as parent you may not feel your child is ready for certain terms or concepts that we will be discussing. If you feel your student is not ready to discuss some of these topics, please keep them home on the appropriate date.

It is our opinion that our youth are old enough and ready to take on these topics, and learn how to deal with them in today's world. As in all discussions and topics at Waypoint Youth, they will be discussed with the utmost care, compassion, maturity, and truthfulness. We do not sugarcoat the truth - but we do use salt. 

Information is posted here on this page so that you can review with your student if you would like to - we think it is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your children as they make their way through this broken world. For some topics, we will split the youth group into an older group and a younger group, so that we can go deeper into certain topics with the older students. Below, you will find a list of each topic and subtopic we plan on covering from now until the beginning of Summer.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to me via call or text at 2533031708. -Pastor Drew

April 29: Marriage & Family
Topics covered: God's design for sex (AND gender), starting in Genesis: One man, one woman, in the confines of marriage, meant to be a wonderful, celebrated thing, with no shame or guilt involved; We will touch on the concepts of homosexuality, transgenderism, and broken families, and how we can love our neighbors through it all. We will have a heavy focus on compassion and understanding. WayPoint Youth will remain a place that is welcoming, loving, and accepting of all, while learning how we can share the truth of God's word unwaiveringly. It is miraculous!

May 6: Self-Worth & Objectification
Topics covered: Purity, Lust, Fantasizing, Abuse/Assault - Certain terms (pornography, masturbation) will be discussed with more depth in the high school small groups, but referred to more vaguely with the younger ones. Modesty will be discussed from a purely Biblical perspective (it's not so much about "covering up your body parts" but about not flaunting wealth, status, or other outward expressions of social dominance). How can we move ourselves out of objectifying others and being objects ourselves, and into valuing one another as image-bearers of Christ?

May 13: Your Body & Social Pressure
Topics covered: Unrealistic beauty standards, eating disorders, beauty/attraction, and health. Continuing the concept that we are made in God's image, but turning the focus inwards in how we view ourselves and the pressures Culture puts on us to look, act, and perform - perfectly.

May 20: Addiction
Topics covered: Addictions. We'll throw anything in here that humans are prone to get addicted to: Alchohol, tobacco, caffiene, marijuana and other drugs, food, video games, social media, and sexual things (it won't be covered in as much detail as in the May 6 message.)

June 3: Mental Health
Topics covered: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Abuse.
These WILL be covered at all age levels, as they are all relevant. We need to explore what the Bible says AND what the science says (they totally agree with each other!), and help each other with all the tools God has put in our hands. We'll talk about the brain and the heart, establish some Biblical bedrock truthes to rest on, and learn how to battle through the storms we all must deal with.

June 10: Prejudice & Justice
Topics covered: Racism, "woke" agenda politics (put your brain on: see where there is validity, and what is agenda-based), unity, being salt & light.
Let's not be afraid of uncomfortable conversations - at the same time, let's not be a mouthpiece for someone else's crooked agenda. What does Jesus say?