LIFT22 at Sound View Camp

June 26-July 1, 2022

Camp info. Registration. Scholarships. Fundraiser. Dropoff/pickup times. Packing list. It's all here. Camp is a big deal. So read all the stuff here so you know what you need to know! 

Registration for LIFT22 is now UP! LIFT  is open to most middle school students (must be 12 years old by Sept 1) up through 12th grade. Click this link to get registered and claim your spot.


Other Links: Pay for LIFT OnlineScholarships - COVID-19 Information - Directions and Carpooling Info - LIFT Rules (This student agreement will be signed in person by each student on the first day of camp.)Camp Packing List

Drop off and check-in for LIFT is at Sound View Camp on Sunday, June 26, at 4 pm.
Pick Up at Sound View Camp is at 11:00am, Friday, July 1.

We are not officially providing any transportation to or from Sound View. However, you are encouraged to carpool, if possible. All transportation arrangements are to be made by the parent(s) and arranged at the full responsibility and liability of the parent(s).

LIFT 2022 is a 6 day, 5 night long camp experience for teens that allows them to unplug and be truly disconnected from the world around them, while enjoying the beauty of Sound View Camp. For most of a week students will be surrounded by friends, fun, and a caring, supporting staff who want to see the lives of these teens changed for Christ.

Cool things at Sound View:
Waterfront with a pier, kayaks, and other boats - Trails - Sports fields

The whole week they will participate in activities, games, contests, and other opportunities to get to know their leaders and fellow campers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via facebook, instagram, email (, or cell phone (253.303.1708). You have my absolute word that I will stop at nothing to keep your kid(s) safe, comfortable, and cared for while at camp. I am honored and humbled to be able to do this. -Pastor Drew

The cost of camp is $265 per student.

Multi-student discount: If you are sending more than one student from the same family to camp, you can save a little money. For each additional student, take an additional $20 off the tuition cost. If you don't like math, use this handy table:
One student: $265
Two students: $510
Three students: $735
Four students: $940 

The first student to give Drew a Toyota Tacoma will get a free t-shirt from Solar Thread Co!

Don't forget to drop off your payment of $265 to WayPoint Church or mail it to:
WayPoint Church
PO BOX 269
Vaughn, WA

Thanks! -Pastor Drew, Camp Director